Do you have a demo site?

Is there an online available update demo to check the latest release, and how it is proceding?

No: I certainly want to have a demo site at some point, but I need to make demo install and features walkthrough videos first. Thanks for the suggestion.

The pattern of development I normally follow is:

  1. Enter coding cave. Bang out tons of new stuff. Emerge with alpha release.

  2. Ask people to try out new build. Fix issues they find. Release bugfix alpha build. Repeat until stable.

  3. Release new version. Fix issues. Release patch version with bugfix. Repeat until stable.

  4. Return to step 1.

If you check the release notes for version 0.9 you’ll see what this looks like in practice.

So, to get to your question: how is it going? I think you’re going to really like this next version:
if you scroll up from that link, you can see what I’ve built already. I hope to exit cave-mode with an alpha build in a week or two.

Note that this next release will be the first version with subscription tiers. Details are here: