Docker compose setup does not see photo files

Using stable with docker compose with the example yml file. In settings I’ve added two directories to scan, both are owned by uid=1000, gid=1000.

The UI says nothing was found in the directories. I’ve tried telling it to auto-scan the entire file system but the same results.

Nothing in docker logs photostructure

Any ideas?

Howdy @pferrel ! Apologies that things are working smoothly out of the box–it’s certainly my goal.

So your host machine’s files are uid 1000 and gid 1000, correct?

If you want much better sync reporting, I taught sync to emit CSVs that enumerate every directory and file it is looking at, and what it does with it, including why it though it may need to exclude the file or directory from being imported.

To get sync reports, though, you need to switch to the photostructure/server:alpha image. Here are the sync report docs:

There’s a lot more in the alpha, too: including a ton of new diagnostics/health checks, which may detect something that’s causing things to be awry.

After you upgrade to :alpha, visit http://localhost:1787/heath (replace “localhost” with your photostructure docker IP address, of course), and verify that everything looks OK. If there are any warnings or errors, the health checks should have clear enough documentation to help fix whatever’s amiss, but if you find any verbiage that is less than clear, please tell me and I’ll work on it.

PhotoStructure doesn’t emit logs to stdout or stderr by default, as many containers fall over if you emit “too many” logs. (You can run a sync --debug or sync --info manually, and that will emit to stdout, but the logs can be bit overwhelmingly verbose)

PhotoStructure emits to JSON logfiles, and logcat and logtail know how to handle sorting N concurrent JSON log streams into a nicely colorized output.

More information is here:

When you said you added 2 folders in the configs, I have to ask… You did bind mount those two folders to the container, right? (I don’t want to assume about your docker knowledge)