Docker not able to open library, even though desktop isn't running


new here and i have a few questions, for the other one i’ll be opening another thread. I’m not entirely sure what data structure i’m going to use, however while testing and playing around a bit and finding the mention, that one could use a more powerfull desktop, then the NAS - i tried exactly that.

That didn’t work. I’m getting an error: “Library.setup() failed¹: Error: Library is already opened by…” and so on. However, Picturestructure is closed on my desktop.

I probably just configured something wrong on the docker container, but i can’t put my finger on it…


Sorry for the bother!

If you’re running v0.9.1, PhotoStructure may have erroneously left an “opened-by” lockfile in your library (even if you did a “clean” shutdown).

Normally PhotoStructure can quietly recover from this error because it can check the lockfile and see that the prior PhotoStructure process is no longer running, but in the case of Docker, a random hostname is given to the container, which PhotoStructure thinks is a totally different machine (so it can’t check for the process).

The lockfile will expire automatically after a couple minutes, so if you try again, I expect it will work.

I’d suggest you run the beta build, though, if v0.9.1 gives you any attitude: I’ve fixed a ton of bugs (and added a bunch of features) to the v1.0.0-beta builds (including proper cleanup of opened-by lockfiles!)

If you want to manually delete the lockfiles, just rm -rf /path/to/your/library/.photostructure/opened-by and then restart your container.