Docker ps server - sync issues

I have used my powerful desktop with photostructure to create my library. The assets where in /photos/input on my NAS

I have finished the library, shut down ps and went on to copy the photo library to my nas.

Fired up my docker-compose using these settings:

      - TZ=xxxxx
      - PUID=xxxx
      - PGID=xxxx
      - PS_SCAN_ALL_DRIVES=false
      - PS_SCAN_PATHS=/photos/input
#      - PS_LOG_STDOUT=true
#      - PS_LOG_LEVEL=info
      - /volume1/docker/photostructure/config:/ps/config
      - /volume1/docker/photostructure/config/logs:/ps/logs
      - /volume1/docker/photostructure/config/cache:/ps/tmp
      - /volume1/photos/photo library:/ps/library    
      - /volume1/photos/input:/photos/input

no matter what I do, if I move my photo library to the nas, I lose the links to my assets and also I have my library locked in use by the desktop when I fire up the container. It’s the second time I get this so I think this may be a problem.

I have erased the library and put the nas to work but it freezes after ~ 6 hours (made the library with - PS_SCAN_LIBRARY_FIRST=true). it needs to be restarted in order to sync again and it’s getting tedious fast. I have a log full of errors:

sync-79-001.log.gz (2.3 KB)
sync-50-001.log.gz (338 Bytes)

Now I have a library up and running with it’s correct asset’s links but it won’t sync the watched "/input folder. I have new content, the sync is at 24 hours but nothing seems to work.

the sync logs are empty:
sync-50-003.log.gz (20 Bytes)

I am disappointed with my experience so far, I can’t get this to work.