Double click on system tray icon should open photostructure

When I double click on the photostructure taskbar icon, nothing happens.

Right now a single left click or single right click does the same thing - the context menu pops up. So when I double click, the menu pops up very briefly and then goes away.

The expected behavior would be the same as if I single-clicked and selected “home”. Ideally I should be able to double click on the taskbar icon, and have the app open up to the home page.

photostructure™ for desktops
Version 0.9.1 (latest channel)
OS Windows 10 (10.0.19042) on x64

The system tray icon (that may be hiding in the ^ menu on the right side of your taskbar) actually already does this: double-clicking that icon should open the home page.

The taskbar icon (the one left-justified next to the start button, with the application name) unfortunately doesn’t have a hook to register for double-click events, so it’s not doable.

Sorry my verbiage was off. Yes the system tray icon is what I am referring to, double clicking does not work. I guess it’s a bug then, instead of a feature request.

Can you try an alpha build and see if it works for you with alpha.7?

I just checked, and I added this code in alpha.1: (search for double-click)

Yes it’s working fine now that I’ve installed alpha.7

Thank you.