Download option for RAW files

It would be great to be able to download not only jpeg, but also raw-files.

I am running PS on a small homeserver and access it via browser (v1.1 in Docker). Accordingly, I cant open the file in the folder.

I think adding a raw download option in addition to the jpegs should not be a huge problem, right?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Howdy @chris-pollux , welcome to PhotoStructure!

You should be able to do this: open the info panel, scroll down to the raw variation, and click the vertical ellipses menu: a “download original” option should show up.

Like this:

Hmm not quite, but I just realised that none of my raw files are actually in the library.
They are in the same folders as the jpegs, but apparently werent imported.

Right now a sync is running which is building a ton of SHAs for the raw files, but the count of photos in the library does not change and I cant download any raw files still.

Is the expected behaviour that i can acess raws from the dropdown only after finishing the sync?

PhotoStructure’s sync is almost fully incremental: asset tag counts are re-counted every minute(ish), and there’s some post-processing at the end of syncing a volume to handle deleted files, but if the raw files aren’t showing up, I suspect something’s amiss with the raw-to-jpeg conversion step. If PhotoStructure can’t convert the raw image to jpeg, it assumes the source file is corrupt and moves on.

The next version of PhotoStructure, v2.1, upgrades the raw processing engine to handle a bunch more formats so that may fix this issue once that’s available.

If v2.1 doesn’t address this, I’ll work with you to figure out a solution.


I did a file check with the info tool, which does say that the .rw2 and .jpg should be aggregated, but in the sync-file.log I see only a bunch of these errors:

{"ts":1651356004070,"l":"error","ctx":"AssetFileImporter(X:\\Lumix_G81\\2021\\2021-10\\P1080044.RW2)","msg":"_apply(): unexpected missing asset file id","meta":{"path":"X:\\Lumix_G81\\2021\\2021-10\\P1080044.RW2","af":{"$ctor":"models.AssetFile","aperture":8,"assetId":801,"cameraId":"InternalSerialNumber:XEL1711010001","capturedAtLocal":2021102015225218,"capturedAtPrecisionMs":10,"capturedAtSrc":"tags:SubSecDateTimeOriginal","fileSize":19698176,"focalLength":"25.0 mm","height":4608,"iso":200,"lensId":"LensSerialNumber:05JX4318129E","make":"Panasonic","meanHash":"AwcfHx8fn58=","mimetype":"image/x-panasonic-rw2","mode0":2710,"mode1":2738,"mode2":2742,"mode3":2962,"mode4":2706,"mode5":2966,"mode6":914,"model":"DMC-G81","mountpoint":"X:\\","mtime":1634739772000,"rotation":270,"sha":"XmHSo7XZGQw/MIPbS6Q9nTYy6El1szd9","shutterSpeed":"1/1000","uri":"psfile://sQ89NqVKK/Lumix_G81/2021/2021-10/P1080044.RW2","version":11,"width":3464}}}
{"ts":1651356009700,"l":"error","ctx":"AssetFileImporter(X:\\Lumix_G81\\2021\\2021-10\\P1080046.RW2)","msg":"_apply(): unexpected missing asset file id","meta":{"path":"X:\\Lumix_G81\\2021\\2021-10\\P1080046.RW2","af":{"$ctor":"models.AssetFile","aperture":3.5,"assetId":803,"cameraId":"InternalSerialNumber:XEL1711010001","capturedAtLocal":2021102015231223,"capturedAtPrecisionMs":10,"capturedAtSrc":"tags:SubSecDateTimeOriginal","fileSize":19847680,"focalLength":"25.0 mm","height":3464,"iso":200,"lensId":"LensSerialNumber:05JX4318129E","make":"Panasonic","meanHash":"////5wEAAAD///8jyRg4PAAAAPz+5+fD","mimetype":"image/x-panasonic-rw2","mode0":2966,"mode1":2962,"mode2":2523,"mode3":2527,"mode4":946,"mode5":956,"mode6":952,"model":"DMC-G81","mountpoint":"X:\\","mtime":1634739792000,"rotation":0,"sha":"5Chj3RE8weC6tsBJ5w+g1X5q0l8SOhIF","shutterSpeed":"1/640","uri":"psfile://sQ89NqVKK/Lumix_G81/2021/2021-10/P1080046.RW2","version":11,"width":4608}}}

This was when I was runinng the sync on my desktop.

OK! I found and fixed that bug in v2.1, so you should be to go as soon as I release and you upgrade.

Thanks for the update!

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