Duplicate assets

I’m running in Docker, Photostructure v1.0.0-alpha.1
I recently had to move the share location for my photos on my NAS. I therefore changed the path in the docker config to point to the new location. The container path, however, remained the same.
As a result, however, Photostructure now thinks that every photo in my library has two identical assets. As you can see in the screenshot, everything about the two assets is identical, even the path.
Any suggestions for fixing this?


PhotoStructure tries to normalize asset file paths to stable URIs: most of the time it gets it right, but it looks like you’ve found a way it doesn’t…

Lots of details about URIs and normalization here:

To fix your library,

  1. Make sure there’s a .uuid in the root directory of the shared folder: it’s the most stable and reliable URI format.

  2. Make sure each asset has an assetfile that is using this new uuid-based URI (by running sync)

  3. Shut down PhotoStructure

  4. Install DB Browser for SQLite (it’s open source and free)

  5. Open your library database ($library/.photostructure/models/db.sqlite3)

  6. Click the Execute SQL tab

  7. Run SELECT * from AssetFile where URI like '%20201202_040147313%'

  8. DM me the result

I’ll send you a query to delete the asset files that don’t use the uuid-based URI (something like DELETE FROM AssetFile WHERE URI LIKE ...)

Note for posterity: In chatting with @tkohhh, it turns out he’d moved his /photos to another share, but deleted/not moved over the .uuid file, which meant PhotoStructure thought it was a different volume. More details here: