Editing EXIF data using Automatic Library Organization

Hello! I am new to Photo Structure and I am wondering if it is possible to use the Automatic Library Organization feature to edit the EXIF data of photos? I am restoring many photos from backups but the metadata is lost so they are not sorted correctly. The Auto-Org feature did a wonderful job of figuring out the dates for files with dates in the filename, so I would like to actually write these to the metadata. Is this possible?


Short answer: no, not yet, but I think it’d be a good idea.

The bonkers elaborate captured-at extraction may rely on “sibling” files to pull out missing metadata, and if those siblings aren’t found in the library, the metadata for three new library asset will be missing tags. That’s no good.

I’m thinking a separate sidecar could hold previously inferred metadata, just to avoid this issue.

I’m changing this to a feature request (and voting for it).