Error during initial license validation

Starting from scratch, empty settings/temporary/library/logs folders with docker beta 3.

Welcome screen, login (I already have a plan), code via email : works OK.

At the thank you screen the button Return to your library does not work, I get an error message on the top right of the page that says: “Missing/too few uids”

Clicking the Manage billing button works as expected.

Note: I disabled ad blocking and cookie manager without any effect.

Sorry about this: we found this yesterday as well, and determined that it was a bug in caching. If you restart your container and try again, it should work.

I’ll get this patched in the next release.


Restarting or re-creating the container does not solve the problem.
I will wait for the next beta.


Oof, sorry, you must be hitting a different problem.

Could you DM me the result of this:

# replace this with the name of the container running PhotoStructure.
# (use `docker ps` to find the name):

docker exec -it $container_name sh
./photostructure info --plan --debug | grep -A 20 SystemIds

I’ve looked at docker running in different containers, and realized I need a couple more stable system hashes. This will be added to beta.4.

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The forum software says I cannot PM you, so I sent the logs to the support email.


Ugh, sorry about that!

Thanks for sending the log. I’ll try to have a solution in place tomorrow.

The latest beta solves this problem.