Excluding a whole drive

Is it possible to exclude a drive? Google Backup & Sync has updated (it’s now Google Drive) and infuriatingly creates a drive that provides streaming access to files in the Google Drive. I don’t want this, but there is no option to turn this off. The downside of this is that PhotoStructure tries to sync the drive, and therefore stream everything from the drive. The drive is not a real drive - I cannot access the root folder to add a NoMedia folder, and half of the drive is a folder called “other computers” (no, I don’t know either) which I can’t add any files to (so can’t add NoMedia here).

There isn’t, but that’d be easy to add as a setting.

Until then, you’ll have to use the “scanPaths” setting and manually list all the volumes or directories you want PhotoStructure to sync from.

Thanks for the report!