Excluding media with specific tags

In lightroom, to prevent accidentally publishing private photos, I tag them with the term “private” and ensure all of my publishing destinations consider this.

Is is possible to exclude photos from PS by tag?

I hadn’t thought of a excluding an image based on a keyword: that’s a good idea!

It was just a couple lines of code: I added a new keywordBlocklist setting that defaults to ["private"]. This will be available in the next v2.1 build.

Until that is released, know that PhotoStructure will already exclude files marked with NoMedia or whose rating is -1. More details are here:

(edit: I renamed this setting from excludedKeywords to keywordBlocklist to match (several!) other settings that are blocklists).

I’ve implemented the .nomedia feature already, so that’s helpful, but I am struggling with video files. I’ve posted a new thread about it.

Looking forward to the keyword filter feature. Great support! You must love what you do.