Exiftool dependency failed during upgrade to 1.0.0b4

Expected Behavior

Start PhotoStructure Node and expect no errors.

Current Behavior

Stopped PS Node 1.0.0b3, then when starting it I think this is the 1.0.0b4 update, received errors about dependencies:
2021-06-09 18_23_07-AIDAN-DELL - TeamViewer - Free license (non-commercial use only)


Operating system and version: Windows 10

PhotoStructure edition: PhotoStructure for Node

That’s actually an expected (!!) info message: exiftool-vendored (which I wrote) needs either exiftool-for-windows, or exiftool-for-everyone-else, and npm's optionalDependency seems to be the only way to support cross-platform dependencies. Unfortunately, this (a bit scary, and not well-worded) error message is emitted by npm. The alternative is to make a “fat” dependency that includes both windows binaries and perl binaries in one dependency (which, now that I think about it, maybe wouldn’t be so bad? I’ll think about this some more.)

Did it launch and run properly?

Sweet as, thought I should post it in case anything was affected in the upgrade by that message. Upgrade all seems to have gone fine. Glad to know it’s safe to ignore!

I’ve added a --quiet to the yarn install to beta.5 so these messages don’t bother anyone else in the future.

(update: I just pushed beta.6 with only a dockerignore change. This change will come out on beta.7 which should come out today)