Export Images in Search Result

It would be super awesome if there was a feature that allowed you to export all of the photos returned by a search result to the local (client) file system. Bonus points if it also gave you the ability to choose if you’d like to keep EXIF data or strip it out.

I like the idea, but would also like to be able to disable that either by user-types (eg “guests”) or/and folders (or metadata-flags).

Just curious, what users do you have that you would allow to see photos, but would not want them to download said photos?

It’s more about to control the outflow of pictures and the load on the network. I understand that the user could save the pictures individually as she can display it.

I admit, the use case is not that strong and certainly not a priority. I was more thinking of the future user-auth feature and it might be very easy to implement it when you already design for that…

Search results that return a non-trivial number of assets could take minutes to hours to assemble the zip (which would require an async UI much like google takeout), and then very large payloads could saturate upstreams for hours. Perhaps a maxZipSize setting is in order?

At least in the U.S., 10MB/s upload for cable modems is fairly average. Should the default be 250MB? 500MB? If you’re downloading images, those are normally 2MB-40MB each, so that’s in the tens-to-hundreds range. Is that about what you were thinking?

Personally, I wouldn’t want any limit, and so if that was a setting I would probably set it at 1TB. You seem to be thinking in terms of somebody outside the LAN performing this function, but it would also be used on the LAN without the bottleneck of your WAN connection.

With that said, perhaps in a perfect world the workflow would look like this:

  1. Activate the “export” function
  2. The UI provides checkboxes on each asset, along with a “select all” button and a “unselect all” (and maybe even a “invert selection” button)
  3. Finally, a button to perform the export on selected assets.

And really, if you built this sort of a UI, it could be implemented in all asset view areas, not just search results.

As for my potential use-case: I want an easy way to export all photos of my niece so I can put those on a thumb drive to give to my sister-in-law, because I’m tired of attaching each image in a whatsapp message.

I couldn’t resist, sorry…

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