Failed to save settings: Error: Could not mkdirp /ps/library/.photostructure

I installed photoStructure on my Synology via Docker with Docker Compose file.
Running as root.
Running beta 12.

Can’t start it, as I’m getting error:

Failed to save settings: Error: Could not mkdirp /ps/library/.photostructure

My Docker compose file has settings

version: "3.7"
    image: photostructure/server:beta
    container_name: pix-struct
    restart: on-failure
    stop_grace_period: 2m

    # user: 0:0 # < If you need a different user id, see below

      # This is where your PhotoStructure Library will be stored.
      # It must be readable, writable, and have sufficient free space.
      # If it is a remote volume, uncomment the PS_FORCE_LOCAL_DB_REPLICA
      # environment line below.

      - type: bind
        source: /volume1/pix/Posters
        target: /ps/library
      # This must be fast, local disk with many gigabytes free.
      # PhotoStructure will use this directory for file caching
      # and for storing a temporary database replica when your
      # library is on a remote volume.

      - type: bind
        source: /volume1/hosting/photo-structure/.cache/photostructure
        target: /ps/tmp

      # This directory stores your "system settings"

      - type: bind
        source: /volume1/hosting/photo-structure/.config/PhotoStructure-docker
        target: /ps/config

      # This directory stores PhotoStructure logfiles.

      #- type: bind
      #  source: /volume1/hosting/photo-structure/.config/PhotoStructure/logs
      #  target: /ps/logs

      - 1787:1787/tcp

      # PhotoStructure has _tons_ of settings. See
      # <>
      - "PS_TRANSCODE_VIDEOS=false"
      - "PS_LOG_LEVEL=info"      

Since it’s running as root - it shouldn’t have any permissions issues. But here they are.

Also, since I specified /ps/tmp mount - why it even tries to create that .photostructure folder? why don’t it just use /ps/tmp?

Is there a way to run the whole thing with photo folder mounted as read only?

Any fix for it?

Good point: it’s exactly analog to /ps/config. I’ll make that change tomorrow morning.

Yes, absolutely. Your PhotoStructure library, /ps/library, needs read/write, but if you disable automatic organization, it’ll only need space for the database and asset previews.

Bind-mount your current photos library to any directory (like, /photos), and then add that as a “scan path” .