Favorited photos and Virtual Albums

I didn’t see that this had been already suggested.

Favorite button - add a little :heart: button while looking at the large version of an image to favorite it. This could be user based or session based, enabling the user to download the photos favorited in the past day (or however a long a session lasts for PS).

This is already in request on another request

Virtual Albums - allow the ability to add a large view photo to a virtual album. Also enable an album to be “smart” by applying a filter to a Virtual Album as well as being able to manually add a photo to the same album.

This is partially on request, combining filters and album creation could be really powerful!

I have ~400k photos, having them all sorted by date, tags, and eventually faces and other ML auto tagged features is great. However, it doesn’t cover a solution where say I need to created a “remembrance” type album (if someone has passed). Or I want to create a smart album for my 93 yo grandma to view remotely and have it contain all the photos of my son via ML plus ones the ML missed or maybe a nice family photo where my sons face is obscured and ML can’t identify him.

This moves Photostructure closer being that Google Photos replacement.

There are these two feature requests out there that largely cover what you’re looking for:



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Updated the request. Sounds like the missing feature is just filters and albums combining to make smart albums or auto albums akin to Google Photos

@whoopn thanks for these suggestions. As @tkohhh mentioned, I believe what you’re asking for is covered by



so I’m going to close this topic. Thanks again for sharing (especially your use case with your grandmother!)