Feedback - PS experience with docker v1.1 stable


  • gui is good enough and easy to browse
  • the library organizing is okaish


  • browsing is counter intuitive especially when using the back button (it’s hard to get back to the parent folder, you get lost fast)

  • it’s biggest feature, the automatic library is more like a chore, you can’t customize the folders inside the library for easier human browsing (you don’t have the possibility to alter a folder name from 2016-06-30 to 2016-06-30 “Very important event”.

  • the library does not have a year > month > day format; you have a year with multiple year-month-day subfolders. if you have the input synced with a phone, you will drawn in hundreds of days without having the ability to consolidate those at least in months.

  • no delete option is really, really bad, it’s almost a red flag for deleting the app altogether after spending time to delete assets, delete files from library and resync

  • no tags, albums or other means to better organize the library from the gui

The photostructure feels like an alpha for me at least, because of the sync and delete issues. the db may be a liability with sql lite, I get database locked error multiple times when I try to do heavy lifting with organizing my library on my nas.

I hope that the delete feature and maybe better library features will be implemented in maybe the near future, because the app shows great promise.

Could you maybe write a little bit about what exactly you’re looking for? You seem displeased, but it’s not clear what your expectations are. It would be helpful if you could articulate that so we can appropriately comment on your observations here.

Thanks, and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

Know that delete is in the beta, and I’m releasing a big update soon to address sync getting “stuck”. Details are in the release notes.

tkohhh by all means I am not disspleased and I am actually a PLUS subscriber.

I have gotten into PS because of the organizing library feature and the developer delivered on his promise imo from my point of view.

I am displeased because I don’t want to use PS just for organizing my photo library, once in a while and forget about it. I would actually like to use the app in the long run while not having to worry about locked database errors or that I do not have the possibility to at least erase a blurry photo without acting like a devops, learning commands in ssh mode for manually synced folders or to manually restart the container because sync doesn’t works.

I think and I hope PS will actually let me enjoy my family photos or at least that is my expectation.


thank you and have in mind that I would have not posted the feedback if I wouldn’t have liked the app. your app is very promising!