First alpha build of version 2.0 is now available

The first pre-release build of version 2.0, v2.0.0-alpha.1 is now available!

Only run this version on a test library, please.

  • Before you upgrade your primary library to this version, know that it is an unstable, alpha build.
  • There almost certainly will be bugs.
  • Libraries upgraded to new versions cannot be rolled back to prior versions.

Please read this before continuing: Tried an alpha or beta build, and want to return to the stable version?

So, how do you run this on a test library?

For PhotoStructure for Desktops and PhotoStructure for Node, set the environment variable, PS_LIBRARY, to a temporary directory (like /tmp/pstest or C:\TEMP\PSTEST) before you launch the alpha build. Here are instructions for how to do this on every platform..

For PhotoStructure for Docker users, change the /ps/library bind mount to a temp directory.

Where can I get the installer?

  • For PhotoStructure for Desktops:

  • For PhotoStructure for Node: git checkout alpha.
    To return to the stable release, git stash -u ; git checkout main

  • For PhotoStructure for Docker: change the image to photostructure/server:alpha. Remember to docker-compose pull or docker pull before restarting the container!

What’s in v2.0?

A lot!

I’ll make a “version post” (like this one for version 1.0) before the stable release of v2.0.

Version 2.0 adds a handful of new features including the highest-voted-for feature which lets you like, archive, remove, and delete assets in your library, along with several handfuls of bug fixes and more minor features.

Especially note:

To get a sense of how much is in v2.0 (which took 2 months to build) versus v1.0 (which took 9 months):

I’ve found a couple issues already:

  1. PhotoStructure for Desktops on Windows is missing the title bar, so you can’t drag windows around or close them. I’m fixing that now.

Anything else? Report it either in discord or reply here.


Not sure if this is intended or not, but there is no more progress bar on top of the screen on an initial scan. I did see a toast to tell me that a scan was starting (forgot the exact wording) but then nothing. The only reason I know it’s still scanning is from the “about photostructure” page

Thanks, I’ll check on that!

Mine auto-updated last night (unRaid) and failed to restart on its own. Manually started and seems ok so far.

Can you send me your logs so I can see why it didn’t upgrade smoothly?

Thanks for the update!

Minor UI glitch on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6.

After full screen toggle the UI is back to normal.


Thanks for reporting! This will be fixed in v2.0.0-alpha.2.

I just noticed that I’m missing the scroll bar on the homepage. It actually appears if I switch to fullscreen, but then disappears when I go back to normal.

Anybody else?

The rotate functions don’t work properly on my alpha install and the left rotate throws an error toast.

Also all of my portrait HEIC photos and shown as landscape and thus rotated incorrectly, although this is the same as prior revisions.

I’ll try to reproduce the rotation issue, thanks for reporting!

Can you email me an incorrectly rotated heic please?

Also, what platform are you running PhotoStructure on?

That’s no good! What browser are you using and what OS?

Firefox in Windows 10

I am running Photostructure on docker on unraid. It appears that Photostructure is throwing the error toast when I do a left rotate on HEIC images from and iPhone. When I do a right rotate, the error toast doesn’t show but the rotation also doesn’t stick and it snaps back to the original rotation. Also, on the HEIC images when I try to do a rotate and it makes an attempt, it stretches the image out so that the aspect ratio is wrong. Other image types don’t seem to have this problem.

Thanks for sharing the images over email! I’ll try to reproduce this on my unraid box tomorrow morning.

@tkohhh I couldn’t reproduce that on a new windows 10 VM running Firefox v93.0. I wonder if it’s an add-on? (my dev browser runs ublock origin, so that’s not it).

If you want to share screen I can take a look at your convenience.

It seems to be working fine now… perhaps it was a temporary glitch. It’s also possible Firefox updated somewhere between then and now. In any case, all is well!