Folder breadcrumb is truncated on mobile

Expected Behavior

When browsing PhotoStructure on an Android smartphone, I expect to be able to see the name of the current folder.

Current Behavior

However it is truncated which means it loses value.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Using a mobile browser on Huawei P50 android phone in portrait orientation.
  2. Navigate to PhotoStructure home
  3. Go to Folder > (name of hard drive) > PSMedia (name of library) > Events > 2018 > 2018 My Favourite Event
  4. You can’t really see the current folder name, it just shows as “2018”, rather than “2018 My Favourite Event”. Also the folder names in between are meaningless.

The folder names are shown in full if you rotate the phone into landscape. It’s only in portrait that they are truncated.
I would be happy if it just showed “PSMedia > … > 2018 My Favourite Event”. The important thing is the current folder name.

Reminds me I need to raise a request to get rid of the “500GB” and “PSMedia” root folders, I just want to jump straight to “Events” because that’s the first folder hierarchy in my PSMedia folder.


Operating system and version: Windows 10 host, Android 10 phone

PhotoStructure edition: PhotoStructure for Node