Folder display skipping levels in hierarchy

Expected Behavior

You can step through levels of a folder hierarchy - here’s my example:

Folder/pictures/Archive/[2021/2021-07_July/2021-07-24-Sat-Dane:Janna Wedding – event/Mark Turner

Current Behavior

When I get to the “2021-07_July” level and click it, it jumps me straight to “Mark Turner”

Folder/pictures/Archive/[2021/2021-07_July/2021-07-24-Sat-Dane:Janna Wedding – event/Mark Turner

Steps to Reproduce

I believe this is caused by a path naming issue between MacOS and Linux/Unix…

I created the “2021-07-24-Sat-Dane/Janna Wedding – event” folder on my Mac, mapped (SMB) to my unRaid NAS.

NOTE the “/” in the filename - just habit. Obviously that’s a path separator on Linux, but isn’t on a Mac (which uses “:”).

So on the unRaid box, the actual dirname was “2021-07-24-Sat-Dane:Janna Wedding – event” with the colon - that is hidden from the Mac side and displays as the “/”.

As nearly as I can tell, something in the “colon” confuses things.

I renamed the folder in question to have just a hyphen ("-") in that spot and resynced - now the directories appear properly (although I haven’t gotten them to populate fully).


Operating system and version:

unRaid Docker

PhotoStructure edition:


Thanks for the report!

PhotoStructure currently assumes that all path separators are actually path separators.

I’ll play with this on my test boxes and see how I can add support for this.

Well, that’s the thing… On the NAS where PhotoStructure was running, the directory name had a “colon” - it should be legal filename character on Linux I believe.

But it seemed to confuse Photostructure.

Now my Mac interprets that colon as a “/” for display, but again, didn’t treat it as a path separator…

But things got confused.

I’m thinking that you may need to check for “:” and escape it or something, but this is a fairly edge case.

Just wanted to bring it up as it has taken me a while playing with it to figure out why I couldn’t walk down this one directory tree and it would “jump” to the bottom.

Ah, OK. If you could DM me the full path (from your NAS), and the full path (as mounted on your Unraid box), that would help.

Are there any other directories that have contents in .../Archive/2021?

Note that by default, PhotoStructure will “skip over” empty interstitial tags that only have one child tag and no direct assets.

If you don’t like this, set fastForwardEmptyTags=false.

See for details.

(Also, I checked and there really isn’t a way to “escape” a forward-slash in a filename on POSIX systems, so I don’t think that’s what we’re fighting here.)

There is contents in between.

If you could, I would test a directory name with a colon in an intermediary directory.


I’ll try to test later when I get a chance.