Folder with new several new Pictures newer got scanned


As I browsed through some pictures in different folders I discovered that in a at least one folder several pictures didn’t get added to the photostructure library. I’ve added those pictures 4 months ago to this folder and had pushed the restart sync button several times since then but still they do not appear.
Do I need to do a ./photostructure sync --force /path/to/the/folder from time to time with all folders?
If photostructure does not reliable import new pictures it is quite worthless. If at least there was an error showing on the main page that a folder got not synchronized or whatever the problem is I could react but without any Infos I always feel like there might be more pictures in this folder then photostructure shows me and that is not the way it should work…

Is there a workaround or am I the only one with those problems?


Thanks for the report!

I agree that this is critical functionality.

I’ve found that, especially in larger libraries and with machines with many cores/threads, that SQLite can drop rows unexpectedly.

I’ve spent the last ~40 days rewriting PhotoStructure’s persistence and concurrency code to minimize concurrent writes and avoid these “lost” rows, which should help with reliability and thoroughness of imports.


great, let me know if I can help somehow

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