Friendly Comment on FAQ Section

The FAQ section of the web site strikes me as being more “Topics of Interest” than questions. If I have a question and am searching for an answer before doing a forum post or email, I find it inconvenient to bounce from page to page to see if my issue is addressed.

I think a better FAQ structure is to have a single page that is searchable, with links to the relevant topic page(s).

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This page includes titles and snippets from every post, which should do the trick:

I have this page linked to on the footer and added it to the header.

If Discourse’s search proves effective, I may end up moving more website content here, just so search works well and users can comment on content easier.

I made a couple changes:

  1. The FAQ tag is now used for all informative posts, and the header points to this tag now. I think Support might have led people to think it was a contact-us page.

  2. I pruned some of the Getting Started articles to make browsing the articles in that tag a bit less overwhelming.

  3. I replaced the “support” links in the headers and footers to just point to the new “Docs” page.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Thanks! I’m having fun exploring the product.

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