Frustrated about sync not working

I use photostructure on three different instances on two different computers.
I use v 1.1.0 and v2.1 in a Docker on Unraid. And v1.1.0 on another computer.
They all connect to the same set of photos, however the assets of some folders is not the same across all instances…

Just an example I have a folder with 17 pictures. When I look at what photostructure should have imported with this command ./photostructure list | grep -E "^/media/pictures/test" it list all 17 pictures. However when I open the WebGui I only see 11 of them, why?
On another instance the same folder contains all 17 pictures in the WebGui…
I can fore a sync on this single folder but without any success…

It’s very frustrating not knowing why some photos are not displayed even they have been imported…

EDIT: And no, the pictures not displaying don’t show up in the ./photostructure list --where "Asset.shown = 0" command

anything in the sync-reports (for version 2.1)?

I share this frustration though. I’ve even had exact same 2.1 version on two separate servers (one docker, one node) with the exact same set of photos reporting very slight difference in count. I attribute this to the random SQLITE errors I am still getting but who knows, it’s alpha quality code at this point :person_shrugging:

thx for the info and phu I’m glad others have the same problem. first I thought its a docker problem thats why I also run the alpha on a node but it might be a sql problem, don’t know

Also eagerly awaiting the next alpha which claims to have fixed some sync race conditions on high CPU count servers (mine are 8 cores, 16 threads - it might qualify).

Sorry that you two are having sync issues!

If you want to send me info-level logfiles again, I can take another look and hopefully something will jump out at me this time.

(The next release will also support remote log server collection, which can makes PhotoStructure’s log messages much more convenient to consume–the free community edition of graylog worked with docker-compose and is what I tested the new log server code with–it’s pretty slick)

ok and do you need all log files (main, sync, web, worker)?

All the recent logs would be great. (It won’t be something from the web logs, though, if you want to omit those).

ok sent you a PM with the link to the log files