Getting error of Database Disk Image is Malf

PC Win 11 with structure database on Microsoft OneDrive. When I startup PhotoStructure it won’t connect with database and get error of Database Disk Image is Malf…

Expected Behavior

Photo Structure to load normally.

Current Behavior

Photo Structure will not load. I get to this error message of Database Disk Image is malfo... and Photo Structure quits.

Steps to Reproduce


Operating system and version: Windows 11 PC on Microsoft OneDrive.

PhotoStructure edition: V1.1.0

Howdy @WardK , welcome to PhotoStructure!

PhotoStructure uses SQLite for your library database. SQLite requires a local disk.

PhotoStructure does detect if your library is on a remote filesystem, and automatically applies a workaround, but, unfortunately, OneDrive and DropBox folders look like they’re on local disks, but are incompatible with SQLite. More details are here.

If you pick a different directory for your library, say C:\Users\WardF\Pictures, or C:\Users\WardF\PhotoStructure, everything should work fine.

If you want PhotoStructure to automatically organize into a different directory, know that you can change your PS_ORIGINALS_DIR to be a directory in OneDrive, and that should work smoothly. Details on how to change these “advanced” settings are here:



I think I might have caused this when I went into my OneDrive Photo Structure and started deleting photos I did not want. I should delete them on my source drive rather than the Photo Structure location. I haven’t tried your suggestions for the fix as I am getting a new PC Monday with a 1T SSD and will make that my Photo Structure location.

Thank you for your help.