Google Takeout missing people tags?

I imported my google takeouts library into PhotoStructure yesterday, and found that I didn’t see any faces after the job completed. I thought it was odd, and so I went to spot check a number of sidecar JSON files that were created by Google takeout that I know have people tags, and noticed they were missing from the JSON. As an aside, I was also missing keywords as well.

Does anyone know why this would be the case? This is a fairly recent Takeout - 29 Dec 2021. I’m going to try re-taking out and update, but was wondering if anyone has experienced this.

Howdy, @zexuano !

Google has added several new privacy settings (like tagging faces): I wonder if you’re bumping against that?

It wouldn’t surprise me if they changed format (again), too. For what it’s worth, PhotoStructure is looking for a “person” or “people” entry, like this:

  "people": [{
    "name": "John Doe"
  }, {
    "name": "Jane Doe"

Also: I’d definitely use the info tool here to debug what’s going on.

Feel free to send me a debug log from ./photostructure info /path/to/image.jpeg --debug, the photo or video in question, along with the JSON sidecar to and I’ll see what’s going on.

Thanks @mrm, I just did a re-takeout, opening some of the sidecar files, here’s what I’ve got (an example):

  "title": "<redacted>.jpg",
  "description": "",
  "imageViews": "3",
  "creationTime": {
    "timestamp": "1641831197",
    "formatted": "Jan 10, 2022, 4:13:17 PM UTC"
  "photoTakenTime": {
    "timestamp": "1641831191",
    "formatted": "Jan 10, 2022, 4:13:11 PM UTC"
  "geoData": {
  "geoDataExif": {
  "url": <redacted>,
  "googlePhotosOrigin": {
    "mobileUpload": {
      "deviceFolder": {
        "localFolderName": ""
      "deviceType": "ANDROID_PHONE"
  "photoLastModifiedTime": {
    "timestamp": "1642139132",
    "formatted": "Jan 14, 2022, 5:45:32 AM UTC"

I do see that the people or person key is missing. Clearly this isn’t a Photostructure issue. I’m going to continue looking into it on the Google end.


You’ve got a couple fields that are new to me, like imageViews and url. Are you in USA? Is URL a direct link to the photo on google photos? Edit: I just did a takeout, and now see those fields. My takeout .JSON files are still using the “people” field as above.

If you figure out how to get your person tags included in your takeout, please share the solution!

I see, well I’ll keep looking into it on the Google end. To tie up the discussion for now, I did manage to dig up an older Takeout from Feb 2021, and looking at the metadata there, it looks like at that point I didn’t have the people or person field either.

I am located in the USA, if that makes any difference.

This older post suggests that this data isn’t meant to be included, but clearly many of you have been able to get it (recently), and I could have sworn at some point I thought I saw it in my data too. Big shrug.