Health Check: Cache Directory - PhotoStructure, doesn't seem to have a mountpoint (?!)⁸

I am a new Photostructure user and installed on Windows 64-bit. I had chosen an external drive and chose Automatic library organization for a 400MB Folder with only small files

Scanning Never Completes

and No Preview is shown while scanning

I noticed the error as below
Health Check: Cache Directory -C:\Users\sarsasid\AppData\Local\Temp\1\PhotoStructure, doesn’t seem to have a mountpoint (?!)⁸

Howdy @Sarath_Mohan_Kizhake , welcome to PhotoStructure! I’m the author.

I haven’t seen that issue with v1.1.0 on Windows before–thanks for reporting.

Is your D:\ a USB external drive? Are you on Windows 10 or 11? (I’d like to try to set up my windows test machine to try to reproduce your issue.)

It is a D: Drive and Window 10 Enterprise