HEIC files not being imported - Synology Docker v1.1.0

Hi folks,
I’m sure this has been answered and I just can’t find it. I’ve got a folder with all of my iCloud photos downloaded that PS is monitoring, but I can see that the HEIC files have not been pulled into the PS library. My settings say it’s supported, so I can’t figure it out.

I’m running PS on a Synology NAS in Docker.


Well dang, that’s no good!

With PhotoStructure running, can you shell into the container, run sync in debug mode, and then send me the logs?

docker exec -it photostructure sh
./photostructure sync --force --debug /path/to/dir/with/heics

The logs will be the bind mount source for /ps/logs.

Actually, I think I was just impatient! They’re there now. I think it had done an initial import (which had taken ~18 hours) and that’s when I checked. I left it alone and then saw that it was doing another import and now that’s done everything’s there!

Thanks for always being on top of things here!