✅ HEIC Support for Desktop Version

Will this be available on v1.0.0? Im running 0.9.7 of the desktop on my Fedora machine and I dont have HEIC support and a majority of my library over the last 2 years is HEIC, thanks apple.

Yes, the new HEIC support in v1.0 will support all editions of PhotoStructure.

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Any chance you need some beta 1.0.0 users? :slight_smile: A majority of my library is HEIC now so it would be awesome if I could get those copied over to the photostructure library.

:+1: I will post on this forum and on the subreddit when there are pre-releases of v1.0 ready for testing, along with installation instructions.

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

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So… how about that beta v1.0? :slight_smile:

I have about half of my 1TB library that needs HEIC support. Will be glad to help and test for bugs.

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Great! I’m hoping to drop the first build next week: