✅ HEIC Support for Docker image

Hi, is there any plan to have HEIC support for the docker image ?
I really like the app, but the biggest issue is that no photo viewing or photo managing app seems to support HEIC which is a huge bummer. I would be happy to pay for any app which would provide this, but doesn’t seem to be the case. I hope there is some good news coming with PhotoStructure.

:+1: It’s coming!

Experimental HEIC support is currently available in the PhotoStructure for Node edition (on Ubuntu and macOS).

The next version (due to be released early next year) will allow for heic support in all editions:

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Excellent !! Thanks for this - it will be very significant for probably a lot of users.

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I just finished coding up the new support and wrote up installation instructions: note that they’re for the unreleased next version of PhotoStructure, but it’s a sneak-peak at what’s coming.

Thank you. But this does not include support for Docker - correct ?
I don’t see the description for how to get this working in a docker image.
Is this still coming in the future ?
Thanks a lot

Sorry I didn’t make that bit clear: the docker image will include libheif-tools: it’s now a part of Alpine Linux (!)

Happy new year!

Thanks. Happy New Year also for you.
So I will just stay tuned on this update for the docker image.

Appreciate your fast responses.

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This shipped with an early beta of v1.0.0

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