Help with missing files files on import

Hi - short version is that I’m missing all video files and possibly a lot of images.

I’m on Windows 10 and Photostructure for Desktop 1.1.0 with Plus subscription, have VLC 3.0.16, and Powershell 5.1.19041.1320.

My import path is custom and a single directory, and I do not use automatic organization.

After my initial import I noticed that my library does not show any video files. I have almost 100k files in my photos folder according to the folder properties, but only 73,985 are listed in library metrics.

Since I am not running the server edition I don’t have the handy command line tools. I did find a log file for sync in %appdata%\photostructure\logs and I see a number of errors like this:

{"ts":1642794503769,"l":"error","ctx":"AssetFileImporter(D:\\Pictures\\2015 June\\IMG_5148.JPG)","msg":"_apply(): unexpected missing asset file id","meta":{"path":"D:\\Pictures\\2015 June\\IMG_5148.JPG","af":{"$ctor":"models.AssetFile","aperture":5,"assetId":3319,"capturedAtLocal":2015062116115100,"capturedAtOffset":-360,"capturedAtPrecisionMs":1000,"capturedAtSrc":"tags:DateTimeOriginal","fileSize":4469367,"focalLength":"20.4 mm","height":3456,"iso":100,"lensId":"LensID:Unknown 4-54mm","make":"Canon","meanHash":"/v7+/IAAAAD//////wEBAQAAAAAC/v7+","mimetype":"image/jpeg","mode0":2526,"mode1":2555,"mode2":658,"mode3":924,"mode4":662,"mode5":920,"mode6":2519,"model":"PowerShot ELPH 340 HS","mountpoint":"D:\\","mtime":1434921111000,"rotation":0,"sha":"A5OoZZhTuqeRSThi3sNT9Rb6yw2jAufF","shutterSpeed":"1/640","uri":"psfile://38qzVXw7M/Pictures/2015%20June/IMG_5148.JPG","version":11,"width":4608}}}

There were also similar entries about video files.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks for reporting this issue, and sorry for the inconvenience: I’ve found and fixed this bug which will be in the next build, which I hope to release soon.

The next build also brings a “sync report” which will explain exactly what files were imported, which were not, and why/

That’s great to hear, thanks!