Heuristics for wrong filenames in json

Hi. Will the app read if somename.jpg and somename.json exist, but inside json othername.jpg is written instead of somename.jpg?

No, and I haven’t seen that convention anywhere: have you seen sidecars that reference the filename they match against?

FWIW, PhotoStructure will try to read and write to existing .XMP, .MIE, and .EX2 sidecars if possible.

PhotoStructure only considers .json files to be productions of google takeout metadata and album names, so it doesn’t write to them (unless you specifically configure it to). Unlike .XMP, .MIE, and .EX2, there isn’t an “official” schema for photo or video metadata to be encoded in JSON (which is why there are several settings to support customization of how we handle JSON).

Thanks. Yes, that is a google takeout files with additional metadata in jsons, my library starts from 2003, nowdays it keeps updating from monthly takeouts. I still need those jsons lol. Auto-added photos my wife takes, but with selected faces, not everything she takes, google photo is good… Just figuring how to solve all that mess lol. Recently had time to fix many dates with jhead and exiftool, next step is figure those jsons and filenames maybe.

I just checked, and my Google Takeout JSON files don’t include a filename in them–if you want to DM me an example JSON, I can see if it’s doable.

Note that this feature would have to be disabled by default, as reading all JSON files in a given directory might be pretty slow–I have people that shove 10,000+ files into a single directory, and reading from that many files would be especially rough over a remote NAS mountpoint.

I have sent 2 files. There is a Title in json, which are filename of a file for this json. I just never understood why, as usually both json and a file are also have same name, so why Title than…

Hello, new day new tests. It actually worked. Maybe I said it wrong, the title in json was a filename, I setup new containers, photoprism loaded jpg+json and renamed them, photostructure than read those new named files with metadata, at least I see people names. I see no titles, which is perfectly fine I guess, because why I need this “title”: “2e1b0977-1716-44f2-b853-21dc86149627.jpg” which is only google knows why it is like this.