Hover effect on asset thumbnails is gone?

This is more of a question than a feature request, but I think in beta0.9 when I hovered the mouse over an asset thumbnail, the thumbnail had an animated “zoom” effect, which un-zoomed when I moved the mouse away from the asset. I’m now using alpha2 and that hover effect seems to be gone. I looked through both settings files and couldn’t find anything about this. Am I Mandela-effecting this hover effect? Or was it removed?

You’re absolutely correct, I did remove the zoom-on-hover effect in v1.0.0.

I had a couple beta users that were motion sensitive told me that it was uncomfortable, so I just commented out the CSS rather than adding a browser setting (which would be a bunch more work: right now there’s only the thumbnail size).

I liked it and think in the future it would be a good configuration option, but I’m fine with the effect gone.

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(I liked it too!) I’ll leave this as a feature request for later.

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In settings you could have an option that says “Enable if photosensitive” or something

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