How can I tell what it's doing?

I followed the install instructions for a node.js install on Ubuntu (20.04 LTS), got it up and running, configured but now how do I tell what it’s doing?

The main screen is sitting at “Your library is currently empty” and a refresh doesn’t change that. But if I check the filesystem directory where my stuff is being imported to, it’s got over 4000 photos structured by Year/Date/photoname and it keeps adding more… so it seems to be working. I’d have thought it would start showing something by now?

Sorry about that!

If you’re running the stable version, v0.9.1, this was a bug I fixed in v1.0: you might want to try the beta (it’s what I run for my family’s photo library: if you have any issues, bring them up on the forum or in discord).

Oh ok, yes it’s whatever the instructions install – 0.9.1 it is. I will move it to whatever 1.0. Thanks!

Yep seems to be working now, thanks again!

Excellent, and welcome to PhotoStructure!

Please vote on feature requests you’re like me to build out next, and feel free to post any other ideas you think up.


Thanks, now I noticed in about, it says “heif-convert: not installed” … I followed the instructions for HEIC support, building that package … do I need to do something else?

I figured it out … I needed to install libheif-examples on Ubuntu