How do I revert back to an older beta?

I’m using PhotoStructure for Node, usually works a treat. Except I updated to beta 5, 6, & 7 and they all have a serious disk I/O issue which means the SSD is being thrashed nearly continuously at 150-200MB/sec (which is a 5 second burst, but with three libraries, all the burstiness disappears and it’s constant).
Because I don’t want to leave the SSD being thrashed 24/7 all three of my PS libraries are stopped.

Looks like that bug is fixed in beta 8.
I totally accept this is a beta so no complaints there.

I’d like to know how to rollback temporarily to beta 3 until beta 8 is released?
Do I need to modify the that usually gets the latest?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Oh man, sorry about the SSD thrash! I should be able to release beta.8 today.

The node build’s always tries to pull the latest code. You’ll want to disable that.

First, pull down the beta.3 git tag:

git fetch
git checkout v1.0.0-beta.3

Then, edit the and remove the git stash and git pull commands: It’s lines 98 and 99.

To return back to the latest release,

git stash -u
git fetch
git checkout beta

Thanks a heap, gave it a go but looks like the schema might have changed sufficiently that beta 3 won’t work, as it failed to start. I realise I could rebuild the library and that would get around it but it isn’t that important for now.

Will hold on tight for beta 8 :slight_smile:

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The instructions to revert back to latest beta worked a treat, thanks!
I did end up rebuilding the library to use beta 3 after all (visiting family this weekend, thought it would be nice to have the library running to show - they get to see it on beta 9 now with the nifty video duration labels, bonus).

Ta for the help!

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