How do I search for orphaned raw files?

Is there a way to search for assets that include raw images, and also don’t include a jpeg?

Sometimes I will delete a .jpg of someone blinking and forget to delete the corresponding .cr2 file, that’s the reason behind this request.

I tried these search terms, but the results still include assets that contain a jpeg:
type:raw -type:jpeg
type:raw AND -type:jpeg
-type:jpeg, type:raw

Hmm, you’d need the number of asset file variants to be searchable, too:

Something like type:raw AND variants:1

(What’s a better name for “variant” that isn’t so loki-esque?..)


Not sure if that would work in this scenario. I have some assets with two raw files (because the images are so similar) and zero jpegs.

(Yes sometimes I deleted 2 jpegs and forget to delete both corresponding cr2s)