✅ How do I turn on Library organization for assets already scanned

I feel this was discussed already, but I can’t find neither forum topic nor the doc/faq.

Here is the use case: I have a library that was initially scanned without PS coping assets to Library folder. Later on I turned this feature “on”, but this applies only to new assets. How do I “rescan” all assets and make PS copy all to Library dir? I tried Rebuild (slow), but it did not do what I am trying to achieve.


Rebuild should absolutely copy assets over. If you’re on an alpha (or later) build of v1.0.0, and you’re using a “PhotoStructure lite” license, automatic organization is disabled.

You can verify and activate your subscription via the about page:

If it looks like this, and rebuild isn’t copying assets into your library, that’s a bug: please send me your library settings.toml and a sync-file logfile and I’ll look into it.

Edit 20200804: I misspoke: sync should copy the assets over, but rebuild didn’t, but as of v1.0.0-beta.13, it does.

Yeah, I am on alpha7 and PLUS subscriber. It is odd that only some of assets were not copied. I checked one of offenders and the jpeg has correct ExifDateTime, but yet fails to copy. I am collecting log now and will email the location of logs and Library settings.toml soon.


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