How do votes work?

Why should I vote on a topic?

Votes help prioritize what gets fixed or built in upcoming releases.

Note that there may be cases where the highest-voted topic doesn’t get built before other bug fixes or features. As an example, serious or especially bothersome bugs are generally dealt with before new features are worked on, regardless of vote count.

What topics can I vote on?

You can currently vote on feature requests and bugs.

How do I get votes?

All forum users get a few votes as soon as they sign up.

PhotoStructure “plus” subscribers are provided with several more votes as a thank-you for directly supporting the development of PhotoStructure. Make sure your forum email matches the email that you set up your PhotoStructure “plus” subscription with.

What happens when a feature is implemented or a bug is fixed that I voted for?

If you voted on a topic that is closed, that vote is returned to you. You can apply that vote on another topic.

You may have to reload your browser page to get vote counts to render correctly.

Got any other voting questions? Reply to this topic and ask away.

I just removed a vote to vote another feature but I can’t vote anymore. I see “Limit” “You are out of votes, remove an existing vote!”. I have only 4 features voted.

Is it normal?


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Welcome to PhotoStructure!

I’ve found that the voting plugin doesn’t always update your vote count: if you hold down shift and click reload, that should force the page to re-render the vote count.

I’ve also changed the number of votes people have a couple of times. Most people should have 4 at this point.

I’ve had a couple of people suggest that only 1 or 2 votes should be the default, but I believe 3 or 4 votes still won’t cause a dilution issue and is enough to “play with.”