How does PhotoStructure organize my photos?

I just moved from Google Photos to PhotoStructure. I enabled Copy my photos and videos into my PhotoStructure library. When looking into the copied folder, I can see that the structure is created based on the time structure, which looks really neat. My plan is to let the app scan and copy all of my photos from different sources to the PhotoStructure folder, then delete from my originals and keep only the copied version. I have a few questions:

  • Is there any other structure do you support?
  • I don’t see any database, but the GooglePhotos metadata is persisted, is it written into the files?
  • Does PhotoStructure keep the original quality when copying over or does it optimize?
  • It seems like I am unable to change the metadata through PhotoStructure. Can I somehow correct the date of the photo and PhotoStructure automatically correct the path in the File System?

Howdy, and welcome to PhotoStructure, @tranquilian!

We’re not quite (ok, not close) to feature parity with Google Photos, but I’m working on it every day.

The directory hierarchy is completely customizable through advanced settings. More details are in this post.

Your PhotoStructure library has a SQLite database, and a bunch of other supporting files:

PhotoStructure reads and copies Google Takeout JSON sidecars. More details are here:

PhotoStructure does create optimized preview images for browsing, but keeps your original images and sidecars completely intact.

A bunch of metadata editing features are on my to-do list as soon as user authentication is complete (which is the next feature I’m going to ship), so this is Coming Soon.

I think this will be a good feature to add! Be sure to vote for it here.

Note that it will be opt-in, and built after I add captured-at editing (which you should also vote for).