How to change dates photo taken?

Hello. 1.1 with move to library did not worked for me and I tried latest alpha (7?) and eventually stayed with 2.0.0-beta.1 without moving photos. I like it a lot, but some photos have been wrong placed in 2023, not in 200x, despise located in Photos from 200x. I changed original dates with exif tools and right now rebuilding the library to take effect. Im yet too see if it works. Is this the only way to make changes to library dates?

Right now, yes, editing the exif date taken outside of Photostructure is the only way to change the library date. It should pick up those changes the next time you sync.

There is a feature request to provide a method for editing dates within Photostructure… you should vote for it if you want to see it: Support manually editing capture time

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Thanks, I voted :smirk:
Is next time sync happens itself or you choose to rebuild the db each time?

I’ve never had to rebuild my database… I think that’s just for if your database gets corrupted and it needs to be rebuilt. Under normal circumstances just a regular sync will pull in the new dates (whether you wait for the sync job to run, or run it manually).