How to manage metadata


I just downloaded and tested Photostructure; my goal is to have an easy way to browse my photo library (on my nas) from multiple PCs. Currently I have installed Photostructure for Windows on both machines, but may install it on my NAS using Docker later.

I am unable to see how to manage my keywords/tags with Photostructure. Is there no possibility to write them? It would be convenient to manage tags while browsing the library. This would be my main use case. I use Lightroom Classic to edit my images, but I have problems using it on two machines to manage the same set of photos and metadata stored on my nas.
Do you all manage keywords with other tools? Then I can hardly see a use-case for me, except for search.

I might also have discovered a bug:
I installed PhotoStructure on one PC and added two paths for manual scanning (folder1 and folder2). Then I removed both and added a new one (folder3, to test a few things. After Rebuild and restart sync it shows the immages from all 3 folders, even though in the settings screen only folder3 is displayed.

Howdy @durpex , welcome to PhotoStructure!

This is actually expected–scanning is always “additive”. I clarified this in the v2.1 settings page:

If you want to remove specific assets from your library, and you’re running a v2.1 build (which is currently in alpha), you can hide or exclude individual assets.

If you simply don’t want an entire folder hierarchy in PhotoStructure, you can omit it by marking it with a NoMedia file or directory, re-adding that directory to your scan paths, syncing, and then removing the directory from your scan paths. Alternatively, if you’re handy with the terminal, you can just run photostructure sync --force /path/to/directory-to-hide rather than messing with the settings page.

Instructions about NoMedia are here:

I will add this feature next! I’m stomping these showstopping bugs first, though.