How to restart your library from scratch

PhotoStructure uses a bunch of techniques to keep your library intact and valid, but unfortunately, power outages, software bugs, disk errors, and network errors can all take a toll on the integrity of a library.

PhotoStructure runs some validation on library databases on startup, and if those fail, it will ask you to try to recover from a library database backup.

If none of the backups work, you can restart your library from scratch, simply by deleting the .photostructure directory that you find in your PhotoStructure library.

  1. Make sure PhotoStructure is shut down

  2. Follow the instructions here to navigate to .photostructure:

  3. Delete the models and previews directories from the .photostructure directory.

  4. Delete the PhotoStructure cache directory:

  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\PhotoStructure
  • macOS: $HOME/Library/Caches/PhotoStructure
  • Linux: $HOME/.cache/photostructure
  1. Restart PhotoStructure.

Know that you’ll have to wait for PhotoStructure to rebuild your entire library, so this may take a while (even days, for very large libraries!)

If you have any questions or issues, please reply to this topic or ask on discord: we’ll get things sorted!

Are you sure you don’t also need to clean out /ps/tmp?

It seemed in my issue I had to… but maybe it was something weird in my setup.

Ah, good point, is forgot about the replica DB. V2.0 adds a file sanity check to make sure an older library copy isn’t used as a replica, but to be safe, you can delete /ps/tmp.