I can't see what is going on into app

Hello. Recently I have found this project and tried to use it with my unraid system. I made a dump folder with every photo backup I had, around 50K files and began import process.
Lack of transparence kills me. I can see that some files been added, but then system hangs for a two days with a status “7 hrs remaining”. I restart it and it starts some processing. Then hangs again. This behaviour is far from convinient and as I can see most of complains on this forum are about this issue. Hope someday ther will be a solution and I will try it again. Present UX is as far from self-hosted app as possible if i do not have control\overview on what is going on.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, @Kizza.

To get better transparency, note that PhotoStructure has extensive logging. First enable it via the PS_LOG_LEVEL setting, and then use either logcat or logtail to view the merged logs.

Details about logging is here: https://photostructure.com/faq/error-reports/#log-levels

Details about logcat and logtail are here: https://photostructure.com/server/tools/#logging



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