Import photo collections from zip and other compressed format

I do have a lot of zip, rar, tar.gz and 7z files that have photo/image collections and could be great thar photostructure could process them to import to the management interface.

One option could be that the compressed file could be treated like a folder or directory and to use the file name like part of the path and be part of the keyword, like this:



and one option to process these compressed files like other directory or folder and scan the photos/images inside the file like any other folder.

This feature could be implemented more easy way in Photostructure for node in linux server because is possible to install all needed packages to manage all compressed formats with a single command via package management. I do not know how to implement this install on mac or windows but could check by a single process in setting to validate the presence of zip tools or other formats tools in each SO and enable/disable the feature.

I am working with PhotoStructure for Node working in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server