Improve how ESC navigation works

I keep being confused by the navigation in Photostructure; when I enter a gallery like ‘When/2016/Dec’ and view an image, I expect that hitting ESC will get me back to that gallery with the same view. Instead, when I return to the gallery everything looks different, which is quite disruptive to me. Is there a way to return to the same view? (MacOS desktop client)

Agreed, this is flawed and could be improved. There are a couple things in play here:

  1. ESC goes to the month or year of the asset, rather than returning from the tag that you were browsing from. This will be fixed by this feature:
  1. When you return to a tag, PhotoStructure doesn’t retain the prior “seed” (you can see this if you use a browser and point it to http://localhost:1787 while PhotoStructure is running). Without this seed, new child tag “samples” are picked, which changes what you were looking at. When I implement context tags, I’ll make sure I also retain the prior seed in the page context.