Improvements to new asset discovery

Feature request - improvements to new asset discovery

Problem to solve:
As a family member, I want to see what recent albums the host of the photos has posted, without needing them to let me know manually.

At present, the host needs to message me whenever new albums are posted.

As an end-user family member, I want to see:

  1. Photos I haven’t seen before
  2. Photos grouped by folder (which is like the album)
  3. An easy to consistently get to this list, such as being able to favourite the shortcut in my web browser


  1. There needs to be a visual way to identify new photos in a given timeframe, without relying on a search.
    We can’t rely on a “viewed” tag, because without logins, this could affect everyone sharing the same login. Even when the login feature is delivered, it would still be beneficial to visually identify recently added/changed assets.

Suggest: Adding a blue/purple (the PS colour scheme) “glow” border behind new/changed assets. The timeframe could be a system setting defaulting to 7 days. If the library has been rebuilt none of the assets as part of the rebuild count towards this newness.

  1. When performing a search, such as “updated:>2021-05-01”, it is hard to see the logical grouping of these photos. They may be across many folders (albums).

Suggest: Adding grouping to the search results by folder name.

  1. So I can consistently see new photos without having to perform a new search each time, the search conditions should allow relative queries. This would mean I could bookmark/favourite the search page and just return to this each time.

Suggest: Adding a “Now” function and relative addition to it. For example, I could search for: “updated:>now-7” which would find everything updated in the last 7 days. Since it will always be relative, I can bookmark/favourite this page and return to it with ease.

Current search for reference:

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