Include human readable timestamp in logs

When I read the logs to try and figure out why PS crashed, it would make the logs a lot easier to read if each entry had a human readable time format in addition to the millisecond โ€œtsโ€ property.

Please use logcat or logtail: they know how to make sense of those json blobs, and automatically merge logs by time, so you can see whatโ€™s happening across all processes.

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I know you used to have a way to send logs directly via the UI, which you disabled since it never included enough information to be useful for your debugging purposes.

What do you think about adding that feature back with the following tweaks:

  • Instead of emailing the file directly to photostructure, it could spit out a text file that could be saved locally (and then zipped/emailed manually if needed)
  • Include a parameter to specify the number of lines you want returned. Alternately (or additionally) there could be a parameter to specify the previous x number of hours worth of logs.

This would eliminate the need to use the command line just to get human-readable log files.

Another option that would work for me (but maybe not for others) would be to have an option to send logs to a syslog server.