Increase Volume size

Hello everyone, I am new to PhotoStructure. I have installed PS on my Unraid server. I’ve spent some time looking for a solution, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything suitable. Or can’t do anything with it. I am now hoping for help from the forum, that would be great. Thanks in advance.

  • Unraid version: 6.9.2
  • Docker: photostructure/server:stable
  • Error 1: Cannot find images
  • Error 2: Volume size: 21GB. I don’t know where this size comes from, the volume has 2TB free.
  • The cache volume has 700GB free
  • Share is set to "prefer
  • Minimum disk space: 2GB
  • Current test gallery: 60MB

Please tell me what other information you need.

Thank you very much

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Howdy @Paul-Photo !

Please try updating to the photostructure/server:alpha image. Version 2023.11 (currently only in alpha) has a ton of improvements, including the ability to do a bunch of self diagnostics that should help us debug what’s going wrong.

Also: check out these instructions for unraid setup, thanks to @tkohhh:

Thank you very much for helping me.
I works not realy, at least it found some pictures. But still get the error that one path wasn’t found.
Nevermind I unistall PS, it’s to complicated for me.
… have a good time. Thank you again.

If you change your mind, let me know… I’m sure I can help get you up and running!