Install failure PS for Docker

I’m a total newbie trying to install PhotoStructure on my Synology NAS. I’ve opted to go with the Docker install using the DSM gui. After following all the steps and attempting to launch the container. It failed and generated this log:

Create container photostructure-server failed: {"message":"invalid volume specification: '/volume1/docker/ps/config::rw': invalid mount config for type \"bind\": field Target must not be empty"}.

I’d appreciate any feedback on what might cause this and how I can resolve it. Thank you!

Looks like you’re trying to mount the host folder of /volume1/docker/ps/config to a blank location inside the container.

Ensure you’re specifying that the internal container location is also set as /ps/config

You’ll need to do this for all required mounts for version 1 of Photostructure. It will change in version 2.

Thank you @adamf for your quick reply. I got past that issue, but ran into a second one. The container appeared to be created successfully and it launched, but it entered a cycle of failing and restarting. I have uploaded the log file to pastebin here. I also took screenshots along the way of my installation process in case it helps. Your thoughts are appreciated!

Hey there @Chad_Carson , welcome to PhotoStructure!

I’ve found Synology’s UI for docker tooling to be (frustratingly) buggy, which is why I recommend avoiding their DSM UI and using ssh (and docker-compose, ideally) in my docs you linked to. If you’d rather stick with a UI, you might like to take portainer-ce for a spin.

That said, the error message from /volume1/docker/ps/config::rw is from a bad bind mount, as it’s missing the middle volume path. From the docker docs:

  • Consists of three fields, separated by colon characters (:). The fields must be in the correct order, and the meaning of each field is not immediately obvious.
  • In the case of bind mounts, the first field is the path to the file or directory on the host machine.
  • The second field is the path where the file or directory is mounted in the container.
  • The third field is optional, and is a comma-separated list of options, such as ro, z, and Z. These options are discussed below.

Update: Sorry for the response latency, looks like @adamf got you going here… until you hit that next error.

What version of PhotoStructure are you using? :latest?

Hi @mrm thanks for the welcome. I am using :latest and as of a couple minutes ago I actually just got it running using portainer’s “stack” implementation of docker-compose. So far so good. Looking forward to diving in.