Install node version on ubuntu 20.04

Hello, I have an Ubuntu server 20.04. I began with installing the desktop version of Photostructure on it (The server has a GUI (Cinnamon)). All was well, sync OK etc. We like Photostructure very much.

After this, I installed the server (Node) version. About six times. At first via your manual, with a photostructure user, after that with several variations, like using a different user. This will simply not work. Syncing is always very slow and does not come further than 177 assets or so from 58500+ files , after two days.

After these exercises, the desktop version does not start either, with the message “Can’t restart sync, failure rate is too high”

So I am stuck both ways. What to do? To begin with, uninstall the server version?

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @gijsh ! Apologies for the glitches.

PhotoStructure does support switching between desktop and server versions, but they have to be the same version. Upgrades are automatic, but downgrades are not.

I suspect you installed the v1.1.0 desktop edition, and then the v2023.12 alpha server build.

If you want to use v1.1.0, you can restore your v1.1 library database using an automatic backup. Instructions are here: PhotoStructure | How to restore your library from a database backup

The next v2024.1.0 release will fix a database migration bug that I suspect you’re hitting. More details here:

Also: if you have the time and inclination, you can also try running your sync with debug logging, and sharing those logs with me, so I can make sure I’m aware of whatever issue you’re hitting. Details are here:

Update: In the meantime installed once more Desktop version (2023.12.0-alpha.7). It works, but very slow: 796 assets from 1,892 image files and 62 video files , 5800+ files available, uptime 22 hours, 19 minutes.
Possible explanation: CPUI am working on: CPU (2 × Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G1840 @ 2.80GHz) overload very often more than 100%. Strange, because there is not much other activity on the server.

The overloading could be due to ffmpeg – the next release will force ffmpeg to always run with only one thread, which should reduce CPU overscheduling. Debug logs would say if this was the case, though.

Here are some recent logs.

(deleted for privacy)

Thanks! Looks like your system decided to go into “single-threaded mode”. Can you send your system CPU information (available from the about page)?

Update: I did more manual testing with CPU-constrained test rigs, and found another codepath that needed adjustment to support single-threaded mode.

If the v2023 build (which should be available today) gives you attitude, please don’t hesitate to share what’s going sideways.