"Internal Server Error" error on PS 2.1.0 alpha 3

After completing the initial set up wizard for PS 2.1.0 alpha 3, I get “Internal Server Error”.
I’ve deleted my PS library several times and cleared all the logs. Just can’t get it to start.

Logs attached.

To replicate:
Delete PS library. Clear logs. Start PS. This is what shows:

Then go to the website and the initial wizard appears.

Settings used:

  • Where PS Library? C:/PSLibraries/All
  • Where photos videos? Manual, D:/PS
  • May PS organise? No (note, this seems to ignore that I’ve set PS_COPY_ASSETS_TO_LIBRARY=‘false’ in the env variables, I always need to tell it No instead of Yes)
  • Error reporting? No
    Click Start

Then this appears

I’ll DM you the logs.

Thanks for reporting! It looks like there’s an issue with process management (the process ID from fork() isn’t showing up in the process table).

I’ll try to reproduce on my windows test rig tomorrow morning.

How did “tomorrow” work out? Keen to hear back as this library can’t start, yes I know it’s alpha, but still would like to test it

oof, I’ll look into it this morning, sorry for the delay.

Apologies that I haven’t pushed a solution to you yet. I’ll review your logs again and see if anything jumps out at me this time.