iPhone 11 photos imported sideways and upside down

I’m having an issue where a large number of photos are being imported upside down or sideways. These are .hiec photos shot on iPhone 11. The problem seems to occur in the convert to .jpg process and only affects photos shot on iPhone 11.

Expected Behavior

Photos when converted to .jpg should maintain aspect ratio and rotation.

Current Behavior

Some photos shot on iPhone 11 only are being imported upside down or sideways. This does not affect only 1 particular type or photo or aspect ratio. 2 x photos of the same dimensions in sequential order will import with one correct and one upside down.

When using the “rotate Left” function in the web UI it messes with the ratio and stretches the image. This function works correctly when rotating a photo that has been imported correctly.

Steps to Reproduce

Below are the details of some of the affected photos;

7.2 MP (2316 × 3088) image/heic 1.29 MB

12 MP (3024 × 4032) image/heic 1.74 MB

#Operating system and version: Unraid

#PhotoStructure edition: PhotoStructure for Docker

Howdy @james872 , happy new year and welcome to PhotoStructure!

Can you send me some example problematic files so I can reproduce the issue locally and fix this? Email (support@photostructure.com) or a DM with a tar or zip will work, whatever’s more convenient.




Thanks Matthew.

Really appreciate the your quick response. This is an awesome project and seems to fit the requirements for what I have been looking for in a self hosted photo manager for some time now.

I have been running photostructure for a few weeks now and there are a few more bugs I have come across along the way. I will post some more details later today.

Overall I’m really excited about this project and also love supporting developers who are creating great projects like this.

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Thanks for the email: I’ll see what’s going on later today